With so many delicious tastes in the world, nothing is worse than something standing between you and that delicious plate of hot wings; especially if that something is heartburn. With TUMS, you never have to miss a flavorful adventure and with a variety of products, your tastes never have to settle.

When it comes to variety, nothing quite takes the cake like food (pun definitely intended). With TUMS, you don’t have to let heartburn stand in your way. Our take on the National Shopper campaign was to convey not only that Tums comes in a variety of forms, but to connect with everyone’s different tastes in cuisines. Our visual communication set our products up as the heroes of the kitchen with a simplified blue background to drive home branding. And with that, Different Tastes, Different Tums came to life through multiple forms of shopper marketing, from digital banner ads to in-store displays. 

Art Directors: Winnie Hefner + KeRi Massa
Copy Writer: Drew Kearse
Creative Director: Bill Wiechers
Photographer: Taurus