It’s not just our way, it’s nature’s way.

It’s impossible to grow into your best self on your own. We are a communal people. We seek out companionship, understanding and support to feel complete. It’s simply human nature, and if there is one thing we get, it’s nature. At Nature’s Way, we take lessons from ancient practices, tap into global wisdom, share the restorative benefits our planet provides and give back to the communities that help them thrive to this day. We believe that cultivating this connection of people to the benefits of the earth is what nature intended and what we’re all meant to do.

Together, we learn. Together, we share. Together, we grow. Nature’s Way.

At Nature’s Way, authenticity reigns. From their Tru-ID Authenticity Certification, to harvesting where their herbs grow best, being true to their values and belief in holistic wellness is the very heart of their brand. Challenged with creating an identifiable campaign, my job as the Art Director was to visually connect Nature’s Way with their consumer, the Renew Seeker – a consumer whose brand loyalty is reliant on recognizable and relatable morals. Thus The Way We Grow Together was created. Through epic, sweeping imagery of places and honest, authentic faces, we connect our consumer with the places and growers who grow some of the purest herbs on the market today. This was brought to life at a branding level and throughout social engagement, print ads, and broadcast.

Art Director: Winnie Hefner + Daniel Vaneps
Senior Copywriter: Kathryn Greer
ACD: Kathy Sullivan
Creative Director: Greg Akouris + Wes Henry
Producer: Sadie Altvater + Neha Schultz (71º North)
Director: Martin Rodahl (71º North)