Leaves are changing, teams are suiting up; It’s time to show your colors this season. Whether its the big game or the family getting together, elevate your celebrations with premium brews from Tenth and Blake. Make a statement with your beer.

During football season (which just so happens to be beer’s moment in the spotlight) it’s easy to overlook your favorite premium brews like Blue Moon and Leinenkugel. So how do we get football fans to embrace their elevated taste during their Sunday fun-days? With high-end imagery and engaging messaging, we created a campaign that motivates Football fans to not only don their favorite sports team’s colors but to show off their true colors as premium beer lovers. Through both in-store and on-premise activations that include displays, posters, and coasters, we made sure that no matter where our football fans are, they know they can Show Their Colors. 

Art Director: Winnie Hefner
Senior Copywriter: Tammy Seeb
Creative Director: Abby Munn