In a world like today, social media is everything. It's a new way to reach your customers and engage them in their element. With a variety of cooking sauces, Mizkan has so much to offer in terms of content for it's users. With a vast majority of targets, there's no better way to reach the masses like social media content. From the Healthy Heathers of Nakano, to the grill masters of World Harbors, there's no fan of Mizkan we couldn't engage. 

As the Art Director in charge of maintaining World Harbors social content, we knew we had to engage our audience with exciting imagery and engaging tips and tricks to help them get the most out of our product, but also their food. We even went a step further and created a pair of social engagement mascots named Frank and Willy; two best friend hot dogs stealing the hearts of consumers one month at a time.  

Art Director/Illustrator: Winnie Hefner
Copywriter: Kathryn Greer
Associate Creative Director: Wendy Miranda
Creative Director: Janet Barker-Evens