Hey you—yeah you! We know you like to always take that extra step (or, you know, 10,000 steps). Because you believe in always pushing yourself further, nourish your brain and body with Nature’s Way MCT Oil. We’re organic, paleo, vegan and packed full of potency backed by the goodness of coconuts.
So go ahead and Go for 100 with MCT—100% potency, 100% premium ingredients, 100% potential.

With the recent vilification of Coconut Oil, our clients came to us and asked us how best to communicate the beneficial qualities of MCT, a purified coconut oil stripped of it’s un-necessary fats, without the use of coconuts visually and on a very low-low budget. We knew that our target gives it their all, and so does Nature’s Way’s MCT Oil. With a clever use of 100 and stock footage, we branded Nature’s way MCT Oil as the way to boost yourself to your next level for social media platforms.

Art Director: Winnie Hefner
Senior Copywriter: Kathryn Greer
Assoc. Creative Director: Kathy Sullivan
Creative Director: Greg Akouris
Producer: Sadie Altvater